Master of Ceremonies

Book an experienced MC who will engage your audience and leave them buzzing with excitement. Denny Corby is a skilled speaker and entertainer who knows how to break the ice whether he’s playing to a crowd of five or five thousand. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind show as Denny charms the audience with his infectious enthusiasm and character.

Keynote Speaker - The Art Of control

Denny Corby wows the audience as only he can as he delivers practical, actionable steps to improve job performance. Presenting this essential knowledge with his signature passion, Denny inspires your attendees to see daily task and time management in a new light and motivates them to take control of their productivity. If you’re looking for a keynote speaker who will ignite fervor for self-improvement, efficiency, and corporate pride, book Denny Corby for your next event.

Stage Performance

Introduce your guests to an elevated concept of magic mixed with astounding mind reading and rib-cracking comedy. Denny Corby provides an unforgettable experience that make the audience part of the action. Stun your skeptics with a high-energy show of illusion, entertainment, and charm. Stage performances are best suited for larger crowds, but they can be tailored to any size audience and typically run for 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

General Electric Waypoint 2019

General Electric Waypoint 2019

Copy of Emcee

EMcee - master of ceremonies

Denny Corby hosting your event!? You heard it right, Denny Corby has hosted events as an Emcee on many different occasions. Corby’s icebreakers engage the crowd and motivates them for what’s to come. Denny recently emceed and hosted the General Electric Aviation Waypoint 2019 event in Orlando FL. The event was a great success and the crowd was pleased to have enthusiasm and character on-stage.

Keynote speaker - "The art of control"

Denny is not just a performer he is also an entrepreneur, and a speaker. The best keynotes will "WOW" your audience, but they will also motivate your attendees to action! Denny provides clear and tangible action steps participants can use right away to improve their on the job performance!

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Denny’s presentation of magic, mind reading, and comedy never fails to astonish and charm his audience. By avoiding tired rabbit-in-a-hat style props, Denny uniquely elevates the concept of illusion and magic. Audience members will have an unforgettable experience and many become part of the excitement when they’re called up on stage to participate.

Denny’s high-energy show keeps people laughing and engaged, stunning even the most skeptical of viewers. His stage performances, typically running 30-45-60 minutes, are best suited for banquets, award shows and employee type events while accommodating groups of 15 to as many as 3,000+.

Nevertheless, Denny's show can be tailored to fit your specific event.


Man On The street

Often times when Denny is the host of a multi day or even a single day conference he has asked to man on the street style videos like the ones below. Asking fun and random questions but also funny industry, company, and association related questions.

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