Get Denny's DVD and Learn Magic Tricks Now!

Magic Tricks Now is where you can learn 10 easy to do magic tricks that can be by anyone almost anytime anywhere. Some of the tricks Denny Corby actually uses in his professionally working repertoire!

These tricks work in many situations and locations and are meant to get you great reactions every time! When you get Magic Tricks Now you will be learning from Denny Corby one of the most sought after corporate magicians today! Denny travels the world performing for the likes of companies such as BMW, Berkshire Hathaway, Six Flags, and The YPO.

This dvd was made with the beginner in mind. Most of the routines you will be doing soon after you learn them. Some of the tricks take more work than others but you'll be doing all of them in no time!

  • You will learn how to reads minds! 

  • Predct the future! 

  • Make a card appear in a bag of chips!